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Emergency Rescues / Recovery

A safe, warm, and medically sterile place for an emergency rescue or current resident to heal with space for volunteers and our vets to take care of the sick piggy.

Food Shelter for Shy Pigs

Pens for shy pigs to eat their food without having to fend of assertive pigs, assuring they get all the nutrients and vitamins they need to keep healthy.

Housing and Pens

Insulated to keep them safe from the elements. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The barn will be available to all piggies for temporary relief when needed.


Donated $100 or more and will be included on the Barn once built

Madeleine Rodish, Kate and Chris Hisle, Jessica Broccoli, Chrstine Danner, Gus Kumis, Harley & Luna, Jennifer Moore, The Antonowicz Family, Mike Duncan, Vita Duncan, Amy Morrison, Gail Manahan, Kelli Dunn, Heather Schule, The Vetter Family, Jessica Daley, Sam/Deb/Tom Sydenham, Leticia Oles, Joe Sacks,Karen Donovan, Infinity Custom Build, Sam Blow, Laura Lane, Memory of El-e Mae, Troop AZ0015, Judy Pagnucco & Dennis Hickey, AZ Family Zoo, Howard Weiss, Michael Mendel, Denise Leivonen, Daniel Merck, Chris Lynch, Wild West Plumbing and Drain Co, Lisa Eggebreck, For Mike

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