We have a number of amazing pigs and piglets available for adoption.  They come in all ages, shapes, and sizes and they are all WONDERFUL. Scroll down for information on each available pig or contact us for additional information.


Please note that all adoptions are at our discretion.  We reserve the right to decline or deny adoption to anyone for any reason.

The following are required for adoption:

·       Adopter will provide the pig with a secure outdoor area, even if allowed inside the house.

·       If the home has a dog, the adopter must agree to keep the pig(s) and dog(s) separated at all times unless supervised.

·       The adopter must be allowed to have a pig at their residence. We may require proof any or all jurisdictions prior to finalizing adoption (including, but not limited to: City, County, HOA, Property Owner, Parent or Guardian)

·       Adoption Fees vary and are due at or before time of adoption. 

If you feel you are ready to be a Pig Parent, and can agree to or comply with the above, the process is:

1.    Click here to submit your information to receive an adoption application or click the Adobe logo below to download an application. You can fill it out on your computer and email to us, otherwise we will send one to you.

2.    Schedule a visit to meet the pigs in person at our or their foster home

3.    Allow a home check with the pig drop off.

4.    Adopt your piggy!

**Please note:**

We do not adopt out pigs that are not spayed or neutered. If interested in a pig that is not spayed or neutered, please contact us about proceeding forward.


Miss Pea

Adoption Fee: $200

Meet 10 month old old Miss Pea!
- Female, Spayed
Rescued from wondering the streets in Gilbert, AZ, Miss Pea has been a shining new light at the rescue. Full of personality and craving of all of your love, she is ready for a great forever home. She is afraid of dogs so her new home cannot have dogs. She doesn't do very well with new pigs either but every pig has a piggy friend waiting somewhere.


Adoption Fee: $200

Say hey to Cole!

- Male, Neutered

Cole is a special boy who deserves the most special of adopters. Cole is the rescues first deaf pig. Coming in from the streets of Peoria, AZ, this little boy came in with the sweetest attitude and we had no idea he was deaf until we noticed he didn't respond to sound. Cole has minor neurological and spinal issues so his forever home and family will have to be prepared and set up for his needs. Cole is currently 6 months old



Adoption Fee: $200 (pair)

Meet 6 month old Elsa and Anna!
- Females, spayed
Beautiful shy ladies (still working on socialization) are sisters and stuck in a metal crate for their first 6 months.  Now they get to run around and be goofy (pic shows that) and meet new friends.  Will need a family that will be patient and kind as they come around.


Adoption Fee: $100

Meet Miss Daisy!
- Female, Spayed
This 4 year old old beauty is definitely the underboss of the rescue. She runs our largest enclosure. Makes sure everyone is in line with her rules and behaves her way. She is a sweetheart and has really turned into a totally different pig compared too the shy sweetie she came in as.


Adoption Fee: $100

Meet 2 year old DALLAS!
- Male, Neutered
Looking for a whole lot of love?  Dallas has it!  He is sweet but a bit shy with other animals.  He does love his foster friend Ziggy so we would prefer they go together and have a big backyard or yard to roam.  Come meet this beautiful boy and his best friend!  You will not be sorry.


Adoption Fee: $200

Meet the 8 month old Bambi!
-Female, Spayed
Bambi came to us as a foster surrender at the young age of 2 1/2 months old. She has been quite the shy little girl but has now grown into her own independent self. She hasn't made many piggy friends just yet but all of our volunteers adore her.


Adoption Fee: $200

We have a number of amazing piglets available for adoption in our piglet pen.  Schedule a visit to meet them all and see which personality speaks to you and your family.  All piglets are fixed and vaccinated before going home.


Adoption Fee: $100

Amazing pigs are available for adoption, over 1 year old.  Each are spayed/neutered when entering the rescue and may/may not have a friend that they will need to be rehomed with.  Schedule a tour to meet them and determine who will fit in your home.

Join us in making a real difference.


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