Rescues, rescues, rescues...

The number of potbelly pigs being abandoned or kicked out of their home is increasing more and more. It is beginning to become a crisis for pig rescues in Arizona like us.

On average we receive 15-20 surrender requests per week, and are upwards of 6-8 rescue calls per month for pigs at large.

This creates a great amount of problems and extreme stress on the animals. Pigs darting in and out of traffic, being attacked by dogs, hit by vehicles, and more. The animal suffers a lot in these instances because similar to any other household pet, pigs go from only knowing their life at home to immediately having to fight for their life every minute of their time at large.

One such rescue is Gandalf. We received a call from a local grocery store located off 67th Ave and the 101 freeway in North Glendale, AZ two days ago on Presidents Day. We believe he was abandoned in the parking lot of the store in the early hours of Monday morning. He stayed on the greenbelt on the side of the store which was directly next to the freeway off ramp where cars exit at a high rate of speed.

When we arrived, he was calm and relaxed just hanging out with all of his new friends and protectors which either worked in the store or were patrons of the store. He easily entered a kennel and was placed in our rescue vehicle then taken to the rescue for his 15 day quarantine, and health evaluation.

Of course he is an un-neutered male which always seems to be the case. Most people who obtain potbelly pigs as pets do not educate themselves on the animal let alone how to care for one. This leads to them not spaying or neutering them and eventually developing behavior problems and again due to their lack of education on the animal, they dump them not knowing what else to do with them.

Gandalf's story made it around the valley and local news stations Channel 5 and 3 picked up his story. The link to their story can be found here.

To find out more about what you can do to help, contact us at, and if you would like to donate toward his medical costs of surgery and care, you can click here.

If you would like to sponsor Gandalf, click here.

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