Piggy facts you should know before ownership..

Here are some facts about pigs that many people do not know that should be known before adopting and owning a pet pig.

Piggy Facts:

- Potbelly Pigs can live anywhere from 15-20 years under normal conditions and with a proper diet

- There is no guarantee for the size of a standard potbelly, but most range anywhere from 75lbs - 300lbs. Pigs are not fully grown until 3 years old.

- Pigs and dogs do not normally get along. There are rare instances where they do but pigs are natural prey and dogs are natural predators. We always recommend that if you own dogs and are looking to own a pig, that you monitor all of the time they spend together to ensure nothing bad happens.

- The micro mini myth.. Breeders come up with many catchy, deceiving, and clever names for potbelly pigs to better assist in them being sold. A standard farm hog (Yorkshire, Duroc, etc) can get anywhere upwards of 1,000lbs and are very large animals. Anything less than a farm hog can be considered a mini or micro mini pig solely because they will not exceed 300 lbs normally. A 300 pound potbelly is mini considered to hogs.

- Pigs are highly intelligent animals. It's said by many professionals that pigs are the most intelligent animal on your standard farm. Most pigs have the intelligence level of about a 6 year old child.

- Pigs are social / herd animals. They thrive on social interaction and social structure. They will immediately establish dominance to find out where they sit in the herd. When a pig is at a home alone, they have no other pigs to challenge and will begin to challenge dogs, humans, and any other animal. This can include biting, charging, and other behavioral issues. These issues can be solved simply by adding another piggy to the family.

- Immediately spay / neuter your pig.. Most if not all of behavioral issues can be solved by spaying / neutering and adding another pig into the family. Males are fertile at 8 weeks old, and females are fertile at 4 1/2 months. The gestation period for a pig under normal conditions is about 3-4 months. They can have litters up to sometimes 12 pigs.

- The diet of a potbelly pig is very simple. Although they may be omnivores, our pigs get potbelly pig specific pellets in the morning equating to about 1 - 1 1/2 cups per pig. Their dinner consists of fresh produce. Fruits are good, but should be used in moderation as they are a bit too high in sugar for them and not always good in large quantities. Think of a large dinner salad.. That is about the amount you will want to feed your pig. Each pig can differ and they may become picky but great foods are ones with a higher water content. Lettuce, squash, cucumber, carrots, etc. Apples, bananas, strawberries, etc are great for snacks. Another good treat are cheerios. The original kind and not the ones with honey or sugar.

If you are ever in doubt or want to know more information, contact us via email at or you can always contact a pig / livestock rescue near you.

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