Becoming a BPR Volunteer

Updated: Feb 19

So you are interested in volunteering but are not sure what our programs, process, or volunteer duties/activities are.. You have come to the right place.

Below I am going to describe our programs, process, and other volunteer details to better assist you in moving closer to becoming one of our rescue volunteers.

Becoming a rescue volunteer is quite simple. Here is how our process works.

1. Contact us by email. You can do this by going to the contact tab of our website or simply by emailing us directly at

2. Once you reach out, we will send you a volunteer information sheet as well as our volunteer waiver form. *All volunteers must have a waiver form filled out and on file with us before being able to volunteer any time at the sanctuary*

3. All volunteer must attend an orientation tour before volunteering time for the rescue. Our orientation tours are conducted on Saturday mornings at 8:30am. Space is limited to tours are subject to availability.

4. Attend the orientation tour and ensure you have submitted your waiver form to us.

5. Volunteer your time!

Once volunteers have completed the above steps, they are able to come on their own time when it is convenient via our scheduling program. You can self schedule your service time and every appointment is approved on a day by day basis.

What exactly are the volunteer programs?

Our main volunteer program is our Sanctuary Volunteer Program. This is where volunteers come to the sanctuary to directly assist in the needs of our residents.

The main job of a sanctuary volunteer is this:

1. Socializing with the animals and creating connections

2. Picking up animal feces and disposing of it correctly

3. Dumping, cleaning, and refilling water feeders, dishes, and pools in all enclosures

4. Picking up trash and other items from enclosures

5. Assisting in specific tasks when provided by rescue staff

6. Cleaning enclosures and ensuring they are comfortable and safe for our residents

Our second volunteer program is our Action Volunteer Team. Volunteers who enter this team will be directly involved with the rescue, transport, care, and safety of our animals as well as going to events on behalf of Better Piggies Rescue and promoting our mission.

Action Volunteer Team members will work directly with rescue staff and are at the forefront of BPR's mission. Please send us an email expressing your interest in this team to receive all the details.

Volunteers play a crucial part in BPR's mission of Rescue, Rehabilitation, Education, and Adoption of our residents. We are always welcoming of new volunteers.

Volunteer Restrictions

1. All volunteers must attend an orientation tour prior to volunteering.

2. Minors are able to volunteer but must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 at all times when on the property or at events and also must have a waiver on file.

3. Volunteers must abide by sanctuary rules and procedures.

4. Volunteers are able to bring additional people with them when they come to volunteer but must have a waiver filled out and filed with us before volunteering time.

5. All volunteer service time visits must be scheduled and approved.


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