Cow and Piglet
Cow and Piglet

All About Pigs

All the interesting facts and info you need to know

Pigs are actually clean animals

Despite a mother consistently calling your bedroom a pigsty growing up, pigs are actually very clean animals. In fact, they’re some of the cleanest animals around and refuse to defecate where they sleep and eat if given the choice. Even newborn piglets will leave their sleeping areas to relieve themselves!

Pigs are extremely intelligent

Believe it or not, pigs are much smarter than you or most people think. Smarter than your dog. Pigs are considered the 5th most intelligent creature on the planet to be included in a list with humans, dolphins, and chimpanzees. In fact pigs can actually play video games and manipulate a joystick to win a game for a reward. (Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences)

Pigs have impressive memory

Pigs have such amazing memory. They have impressive object location abilities. Once they locate a good source of food, shelter, or safety, they will return no matter how far it may be or where the journey takes them today.

Pigs can't sweat

Pigs actually do not have any sweat glands therefore are unable to self regulate temperature alone. This is why you often see pigs rolling in mud. Pigs normal temperature is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, so one useful way they keep cool especially during warm months is by rolling in mud. 


Belly rubs!

Pigs are huge fans of belly rubs. If you get the immense pleasure of rubbing a piggy belly, you will discover your new superpower making them plop over in euphoria.

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